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Important Information on Spiders in Mississippi

It is frightening for many people when they encounter a spider. The presence of spider at home is not a pleasant one for many people. However, indoor and outdoor spiders are common. Spiders are, however, considered beneficial in some cases since they eat insects thus controlling insects population. For the venomous spider species, they are considered dangerous. When you come across a spider, you should be able to distinguish between a poisonous on and a harmless spider.

Understanding the different species of spiders in Mississippi will help you which are dangerous and the ones that are not. The most dangerous spider species in Mississippi are Black Widow, Brown Recluse, and Wolf Spider. Some kinds of Black Widow are dangerous because they are poisonous. Wolf Spider will be found outside the home but can get inside when it becomes cold outside. They are also venomous and will look scary since they are hairy.

The Brown Recluse are venomous and live inside buildings. There are, however, various ways you can determine poisonous spiders in Mississippi. Understanding the markings made by dangerous spiders will be helpful since you would know them in case you are bitten or they are crawling around you. The black widow is identified by its red underbelly. The red abdomen is noticeable even if the spider is not upside down.

The wolf spiders are about 2 inches long and leap on like a wolf. They are also hairy. For the Brown Recluse, they are brown colored and a violin-shaped mark on the head. When bitten by a venomous spider, immediate medical attention should be sought. When you understand the symptom, it is easier to tell the spider that bit you.

When bitten by the Black Widow spider, you will notice intense pain after about an hour. The pain originates from the bite site and goes to the stomach, chest or back. Other symptoms are such as stomach cramps and a feeling of a tight abdomen. You might also experience profuse sweating that won’t stop.

When bitten by Wolf Spider, its venom is not so lethal. You will, however, see swelling and redness. Your heart rate might also increase if you move around after the bite.

When bitten by Brown Recluse, it doesn’t hurt so much. You will notice itching, swelling, and redness after about 2-6 hours. A small pimple or blister will also appear at the bite site. Due to lack of blood flow, the wound becomes painful and bluish.

But what do you do with the spider living around you? The best thing is to control them or eliminate them so that they don’t cause harm to you or your family. Controlling or eliminating them prevents them from hurting you and your family. A professional exterminator will offer the necessary help.
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