Raspberry Pi setup

My Raspberry Pi setup (so far)

2 Raspberry Pi set up as headless servers in beautiful Built-To-Spec cases.

RPi 1
16GB Sandisk SD
Raspbian Wheezy 2012-07-15
Serving Cacti which is monitoring performance of both Pi

Rpi 2
16GB Kingston SD
Raspbian Wheezy 2012-08-16
Freshly installed and awaiting lighttpd install to compare against apache2

Future Projects:
Syslog server
Tftp server
Wordpress site host

Many others…



2 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi setup”

  1. I just finished following your Cacti Pi setup. I’ve installed Cacti a number of times over the years, but never had one go as smooth as this. Kudos to you! Excellent instructions.

    I also noticed your “future projects” list. I was thinking I might work on setting up a simple netflow collector next…perhaps that’s one you could add to your list, too. 🙂

    1. thanks for the kind words.

      I have no experience with netflow….perhaps ill have a look!

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